• Whitestown Planning and Zoning Services, Whitestown, IN
     Whitestown Planning and Zoning Services, Whitestown, IN

To be successful, most planning activities will reflect the vision of the community, entity, or organization involved. Frequently the final plan must be able to communicate that vision verbally and graphically. 

GRW's planning projects range from municipal unified development ordinances, to area development plans, to multi-building industrial complexes, and to joint-use military installations. Planning assignments are augmented by in-house tools such as web-based technology, GIS, aerial photography and 3d visualization. 

When it comes to working with our municipal clients in particular, planning elements GRW assists with can involve the following:

  • Ordinances & Zoning - Getting key documents - such as unified development ordinances and zoning districts maps - developed and established smooth the path to working with all stakeholders in a community.
  • Land Use - Analyzing the current land uses, current and future trends, and projected population, this element focuses on the policies, locations, and intensity for future development by land use type and mix. 
  • Transportation - Making the link between land use and transportation, this element analyzes the existing network and future needs to determine improvements.
  • Infrastructure & Utilities - Water lines, sewer lines, electric service, gas lines and other infrastructure and utilities allow a community to function safely and efficiently. Their locations are a key part of the planning activities.
  • Recreation & Public Spaces - These places not only provide an image of the community, they also provide the physical space for residents to gather, recreate, and celebrate.
  • Quality of Life & Community Facilities - These include any element that makes a community a better place to live, work and play.

GRW's blend of staff and services results in plans which offer both guidance for short-term decision making and a vision for the long-term future.