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Men's Sleepwear

Men's Sleepwear

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MUJI Sleepwear & Pyjamas for Men

Discover our Side Seamless Pyjamas Series

We’ve eliminated the seams where your body feels them most. When lying down, the seams in your clothing can sometimes come into contact with your body. The unevenness of the fabric can sometimes make you uncomfortable. These pyjamas are designed without seams to maximise comfort while you sleep.

Double gauze woven from organic cotton is used for its excellent breathability and absorbency.
It absorbs your sweat as you sleep and provides comfort that lasts until morning, making it an excellent fabric for pajamas.
Double gauze creates a layer of air, making it light for summer but still warm enough in winter.

No seam at the underarm area

No tag at the collar—instead the label is printed directly on the fabric

Made from organic cotton

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Formulated for a comfortable night's sleep, explore Sleepwear and Pyjamas for Men at MUJI Australia. MUJI's range of PJ options include short sleeve and long sleeve pyjamas, with colours and patterns to suit everyone. Whether you're gifting them to family, friends or for yourself, MUJI's Sleepwear and Pyjamas are classic staples for a comfortable and restful evening.


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