The creation of new buildings or the re-design of current space is important and invigorating for any 21st century college or university campus, as well as any elementary, middle or high school facility. Whether your project is large or small, GRW will work with you to provide the highest level of collaborative planning, design and follow-through. GRW strives to design effective spaces that help set the tone for future school district or campus development – and we work closely with you to ensure that any new building or addition complements a district or campus's existing architectural character.

Our project experience includes facility renovations and expansions, as well as new facility construction for vocational-technical schools, colleges and universities, and public and private elementary, middle or high schools. Our design work has involved all aspects of education (classrooms, laboratories, gymnasiums, auditoriums, fine arts space, etc.). Using the principles of sustainable design, our architects and engineers improve the functionality, operating efficiency, aesthetics and long-term value of these building projects.

GRW's complete architectural and engineering services – from planning and design through construction administration –  also include 3D modeling to enhance our design team’s understanding and your understanding of how a project looks and works before it's built.